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submitted by Jenna H. - |Recommended: NoNot worth it. — When I moved in I had a severe flea infestation that finally got cleared up after over a month, and when I called the leasing office they said it would be a week before pest control could come out. We then had a mouse infestation for 6 months and for the reminder of my lease we have had a roach infestation. Neighbors are so messy and dirty and that's why we have all the vermin. After a few months of living here, they randomly increased our rent quite a bit for “having a washing machine”, which we did not sign for an increased lease after a few months. Have had to call the cops several times on the venue below for blasting music at 4 am. Maintenance men are INCREDIBLY NICE. Zach at the leasing office was always very accommodating.
response from property -Hello Jenna, Thank you for taking the time to rate and review Pencil Factory. I would like to address the issue of your rent being raised without notice or signing anything. I do have a copy of your signed Washer/Dryer addendum stating the amount you would be paying per month for the Washer and Dryer, so I am a bit confused as to it was a "random increase in your rent quite a bit?" Again, if you would like I can email it to you and your roommates showing where you all signed the addendum as well as my assistant, Nicole signed it as well. Then on the issues with your mouse infestation, was it a mouse you had, or did you and infestation of mice? Now with the Venue below, I was not aware your apartment was over any of the retail shops? May I ask what venue is below you so I can let their management company know about it, as we do not manage the retail stores, just the resident buildings. And yes, pest control does come out every Friday, so if you ever need them again, just call, or email us here in the office and we can put you on their list for that Friday. Please feel free let us know if there is anything else we can do or answer for you. We are here for you and all our Neighbors. Bobby Starnes, CAM Business Manager
submitted by Daemon L. - |Recommended: NoGreat and beautiful apartment but... — I love my apartment and the property. It’s very close to everything and I enjoy walking around downtown Atlanta. There are a few things I find not good, such as extremely noisy upstairs neighbors that I have messaged the office about multiple times and nothing has changed. The dog area is ALWAYS covered in poop no owner accountability and the people who “clean” it don’t do a very good job . The security on the doors are great when they work. A lot of the doors are either bent and damaged in some way or for a very long time, some of the doors just flat out didn’t magnetically lock. The gate is great but really needs an update to make it safer, especially for the area. The security officers are fantastic and do their job very well, which makes the property feel safe at night. I want to recommend this place to friends because of the beautiful apartments, but with all the downsides especially the excessively noisy upstairs neighbors that constantly keep us up at night , there needs to be a major work up on the property before I could be able to do that.
response from property -Dear Daemon, I am sorry about your upstairs neighbors, as this is the first I am hearing about it. I will send an email to that apartment to ask them to keep it down. Also, can you be more specific on which doors are not locking or not working? We do try to have them repaired as quickly as possible. The one on floor 2 from the garage is working correctly now as it was out of alignment when they last came out. I would love to hear about these other issues you have as well, so if you could just email me at pencilfactorymgr@lincolnapts.com, I would be happy to get them taken care of for you. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the rating and review, Bobby Starnes, CAM Business Manager 404-525-7000
submitted by Tasneem A. - |Recommended: YesCould use more work for the price — The location is awesome The convenience store down stairs is a major plus. Parking is very reasonable. Downfalls are the walls being way too thin. You can hear any and everything. The up-keeping of the property could be worked on a little more, especially for the price For example, random furniture trash sitting in the hallway for days and garbage piled up outside of the dumpster.
response from property -Thank you for the rating and review. I know there have been times when the trash has backed up at the compactor, but that was either because some of the retail stores didnt know how to work it, or it was actually broken. Then we had to get it repaired. We time it was broken, we would order an open top container, but the compactor would be fixed before the open top would make it. We will try to keep a sharper eye out in the breezeways for large items Valet Living will not take as well. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you Bobby Starnes, CAM Business Manager
submitted by Robert S. - |Recommended: YesMoving was a big change for me — I have to say that moving to a big city was a very hard decision for me, but Pencil Factory has so much of what anyone needs, I barely leave the block Everyone just about knows everyone, and everyone is so friendly. I love it here
response from property -Thank you for your rating and review, and we are very glad you found a place you can call home in a new city.
submitted by Mikayla H. - |Recommended: YesCute downtown apartment — This apartment is right in downtown Atlanta being a conveniently close to Georgia state university. It is a bit noisy but for the price and the area you won’t find a better place.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to rate and review Pencil Factory. If there is anything we can do to make your stay with us more enjoyable, please let us know. Thank you again for taking the time out of your day for this rating and review. We do appreciate honest reviews such as this one. Bobby Starnes, CAM Business Manager
submitted by Joe H. - |Recommended: YesVery nice — It is a good place to stay.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to rate and review us here at Pencil Factory! We are pleased to hear that you call it a good place to stay. If there is anything you need, just let us know!! Again, thank you for taking time out of your day to leave us a rating and review Bobby Starnes, CAM Business Manager Pencil Factory
submitted by Tyler D. - |Recommended: Yes. — .
response from property -Thank you for the four star rating. We do appreciate it very much. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.
submitted by Kristen V. - |Recommended: NoUnfortunate Experiences Overshadow — Bobby and Amy are great. Unfortunately, the experience I have had living at the pencil factory has been disappointing and unbelievably below living standards. As a young professional returning to school, I was so excited to find this location. It has been nothing short of unbearable. I will not recommend this location to anyone until certain living standards are met.
response from property -Thank you for your honest rating and review of Pencil Factory. I know we have spoke several times about things, and I really wish there was something more that I could do to make your stay with us more pleasurable and a place you would love to call home. I will continue on our end in the office doing what we can to hopefully remedy at least one of the main concerns you have very soon. Thank you again for the open, honest rating and review, as it gives us something to work on and possibly earn a changed review in the future. Bobby Starnes, CAM Business Manager Pencil Factory
submitted by Latishia C. - |Recommended: NoReview — Wouldn't live here again, paying for the connivence of being downtown but management has poor communication skills. Maintenance does not respond quickly. not an overall good experience.
response from property -I'm sorry to hear you feel that way about Pencil Factory and Management. I'm surprised about the poor communication skills comment, as we send out emails updated everyone on what is going on, events we are having, and same with all of our Social Media. I would like to know more about what we can do to better our communication kills to our Neighbors. Yes, maintenance was slow in the beginning, as we only had one maintenance technician that was allowed in occupied apartment homes, but we have a full team now and request have been being handled within same day or 24 hours. If there is something we have overlooked in your apartment, please let me know and I will address it directly with our maintenance team and make sure its taken care of Monday. Give me a call at 404-525-7000 or email us a pencilfactory@lincolnapts.com Thank you for taking the time to leave the rating and review, as we do take these serious. Bobby Starnes, CAM Business Manager
submitted by Logan L. - |Recommended: YesGood area and property, but some maintenance problems — Its a great area, and a great building as a whole. However, there is always something wrong in our apartment. From our dishwasher breaking, to stove breaking, to shower not draining, door and door handles coming off, and AC breaking, it has been a rough move-in. But the staff are extremely helpful and always friendly.
response from property -I am sorry to hear about your hard time moving in. I know the frustration it caused, and thank you for being patient with us while we worked with you on getting things back together for you. We do truly want everyone to enjoy calling Pencil Factory Home! If there is anything you need please let us know and Ill make sure it get's taken care of. Bobby Starnes, CAM Business Manager
submitted by Kakenya W. - |Recommended: YesConvenient location... — The property is centrally located which makes it convenient to all things Atlanta...the amenities leave much to be desired. The dog park is horrid literally like tip toeing through a sh tty land-fill. The hallways need to be pressured washed they reek trash. The bugs roaches are all bad as well, especially after trash is pulled. The staff is pleasant and seemly want to do the right thing but inherited a ton of issues.
response from property -Thank you for the rating and review. We do have plans for the breezeways coming up this year, but I think pressure washing your floor would push water under the doors in the breezeway. With that being said, I will get with our Maintenance Supervisor and see if there is someone we can do that will be just as effective, yet less invasive. Also, I will have pest control treat that breezeway tomorrow while he is here. That should be a good start to any pest issues. And the Bark Park, I know maintenance has been cleaning it up, but I just need to send out a notices letting others know to pick up after their pets, since we do have a waste station right beside the entrance. Thank you for the opportunity to address these issues and concerns.
submitted by Kenneth A. - |Recommended: NoI wish I would have done more research on this property. — I am disappointed in this apartment complex. There seems to be very little follow up from management for tenants to follow the basic rules. There are loud dogs, unattended to all over the complex. There is dog poop all over the grounds. In the courtyard where there are supposed to be no pets, owners daily let their dogs out to crap all over the courtyard and bark at all hours of the night. And of course the poop is just left there and no one seems to care. My air conditioner has been broken since I moved in in March....I have to turn it off in the breaker box because they just stopped coming around for that complaint. No one follows the valet trash rules, so other tenants just leave leaky trash bags in the hallway for days at time, making the hallways literally smell like garbage. The safety doors are frequently broken due to being kicked in. And my rent is ALWAYS higher than what I agreed to pay Even this month there is an extra 33 They also charged me two deposits. If you are a college student who has a dog and no regard for your neighbors...this is the place to be If you are an adult that expects basic cleanliness and decent living conditions....you may want to look somewhere else.
response from property -I am sorry to hear about these issues you are having. I was just informed about the dog in the courtyard this morning and I am aware of whos it is and will be taking care of it today. Also, I have put in another request for your AC not shutting off, I will see if I can get maintenance over today for you. Now, the $33 is not anything extra, it is just being billed a different way, before it was bills $30 for valet trash and $3 for pest control on your Water/Sewer bill with OnePoint, but now it is billed in our system the same amount, and OnePoint is actually only billing water/sewer and their fees, but they are listing all charges, so there is nothing extra being charged. I know the deposit situation was unfortunate, but we had to go by what Greystar left us. On another note, we have been sending out trash violation letters now, which the Valet Trash collector will take photos and email us everyday showing who was in violation and they get fined $25 per bag of trash, or if their can is left outside after 9:00 AM. With all limited access doors and gates, they are only to limit access, and again sometimes people damage them. We have four on order right now for that reason. Thank you for taking the time to leave the review and rating and I hope we will be able to earn a higher rating in the future. We value your honesty and it helps us become a better community. Thank you again for taking the time.
submitted by Kevin H. - |Recommended: YesIt’s nice and clean — It’s friendly and nice
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to give us a rating and review. We hope we can make your stay with us a happy one! Thank you again.
submitted by Jacob W. - |Recommended: NoYou can do better — Management shut down the pool for half the weekend because of an alleged planned pool party. That's their idea of managing. Maintenance will take exponentially longer the more important the issue is, but at least you can get a lightbulb changed quickly. On that note, their web app for paying rent filing maintenance requests is usually broken. I'm not sure if there's more bugs in their resident portal software or in the apartments. Honestly the entire resident portal is broken and if this review submission goes through it'll be the only part of resident portal that works.
response from property -I'm sorry about any issues you are having with our Resident Portal App, this is the first I am hearing about it being down. I did make a judgment call on shutting down the pool for a weekend due to a creditable source that has been here for a very long time and knew that this part happens every here here, and the last two years it has happened, the bathrooms down in the common room and fitness center were so damaged, they flooded the entire floor, including the office as well. I was trying to be proactive and not have the property damaged, or a party where I would have had to call the police. Now, we do have a full maintenance team, as before last week, we only had 1 maintenance technician that was allowed to go into occupied apartments, which did set us back on our request. We are playing catch up, but we are getting there. I will go through our pending request and pull yours and make sure I have maintenance over today to resolve them. One last thing, if you are having any type of pest issues, would you like me to put you down for pest control? They will be here this Friday. They do come every Friday, so if you ever need them, just let us know before Fridays. I look forward to hearing back from you soon regarding any issues that are not listed on your review. Bobby Starnes, CAM Business Manager Pencil Factory Flats and Shops
submitted by Melissa H. - |Recommended: YesVery Nice — It was overall not a bad experience living here. Yes, of course it can be loud, but you're also living in the city. It was close to Georgia State which was nice, and I rarely had issues with my neighbors. The only downfall was that when we moved in ATT U-Verse was the only thing available and it is awful. Also, my car got broken into and APD made it seem like it was my fault and did nothing about it.
response from property -Thank you for the rating and review. I'm sorry about your car and the way the police acted. Crime knows no address and happens everywhere unfortunately, I'm just glad it as not been a repeat occurrence for you. Good news is now we are one of the only 2 apartment communities in this area that offer Google Fiber now!!! So that is something to look forward to!! Its super fast! Thank you again for the rating and review and if you need anything, just let us know in the office!!

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